Some Benefits Of Living On A Cruise Ship Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society

Erfahre hier, wie Du jedes Jahr ein- oder mehrmals kostenlos auf Kreuzfahrt gehen kannst

What is it really like to live on a cruise ship full time? Meet "Super Mario", Royal Caribbean's most loyal customer. Mario Salcedo, lives on Royal Caribbean's cruise ships permanently and gives very interesting insight to what his life at sea is like along with some of the many perks fully time cruisers get along with other pinncacle club members! Watch more of this series with the man who claims to be, "the happiest guy in the world" in this three part series!
Part 1 includes getting to know Mario;

Part 2, what life is like at sea;

Part 3 is tips for first time cruisers, and for those who want to know how to live on a cruise ship, just like Super Mario himself!

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Some Benefits Of Living On A Cruise Ship Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society

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